I’m innovator at Urbancooker and ONVZ. ONVZ is a Dutch Health Insurance Company and Urbancooker an Innovation hub based in the Netherlands.

At ONVZ, we push ourselves every day to stay the frontrunner. A philosophy that I embrace. The insurance products and services are regularly recognized for their excellence and quality in providing clients with more than just the legal minimum, also understanding their needs and drivers and providing additional solutions to increase health above and beyond the call of duty. I believe that being a frontrunner is only possible by looking to the future; to put innovations into practice and to embrace (information) technology as a driving force. My main goal is to connect insights (from universities, start-ups and other businesses) to core-processes and to leapfrog competition. Additionally I set-up new innovations and products. An example is Tandfit Preventief. The first preventive health insurance product in the world, that I launched at the end of 2017. Or the NRGY application.

As founder of Urbancooker we are currently working on two projects. The first project focuses on using sensor-technology as a data collection tool for health performance. The second is focused on the creation of a new model to increase the interaction between artwork, artists and the general public. One Start-up that found it’s birth in the Urbancooker hub is Truefie: a platform where you can find and book a photographer anywhere in the world. In the beginning of 2017 HealthExplainer.nl was launched. Since 2015 I have also been working as a public speaker.

I obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree from the University of Maastricht. During my student period I have followed several courses at different faculties and travelled as often as I could. After two years in Berlin and Madrid, I landed in The Hague. Currently I divide my time between Maastricht and Amsterdam.

I have a huge fascination for sport. Afterwork, I dedicate a lot of my time on training for sporting events, currently triathlons and shooting. The main goal for this period is to cross the ‘Ysselmeer – 22k‘ swimming as fast as I can.