Project Update

First Prototype of Project Health Alarm! :)

Together with the VU (Vrije Universiteit) we developed the first prototype of a Health Alarm. This application will help us to understand the possibilities of  mobile sensing using smart phones. The sensors from large numbers of users can in theory be combined to gather valuable data and information about people, environments, and cities, but doing this efficiently and in a privacy-preserving way is a major challenge. Currently we can test and exploit more and more novel sensors to give real-time feedback and advice to users.

Sport - HTBAA

Life is not a bucketlist – but an Ironman is a must do

thSo there was no morning sun, heating up the vibrant atmosphere in the Maastricht Transition Zone. There was none of the bad preparation that defined Caella’s race and there were less nerves that had defined the swimming course of my first triathlon.

But there were exploding tyres, and friends & family, and the national anthem. There were yellow teamcaps (#teamcharles), a smiling river Maas. There was enthusiasm – and there were 2000 athletes, of course.

IronMan races don’t exist to make everyone’s bucketlist a bit longer. They are there for that moment that thousands of athletes are waiting at the start to end their adventure of training and sacrifice with a jump in the water and a long ‘sprint’ to the finish…

Every athlete has dealt with difficult months and weeks leading to this moment. And so the mood was one of relief that it was actually there. The athletes now racing are not the same ones that subscribed a year ago. The Ironman preparation has changed them – has helped them evolve.  And so it has me as well.

A journey that started in a VW Polo driving to Paris for Roland Garros more than a year ago with Sebastian. We had agree on the adventure and sealed it with a long run to the Arc the Triomphe. This morning we jumped in the water together. After my tyre (and spare tyre) had exploded in the transition area while preparing my bike in the early morning.

The race is not important to describe; if you trained properly you enjoy every moment – at least that’s what I did. Of course the last 20k of the marathon hurt and my knee and stomach protested fiercly. And I didn’t know if I could increase my swimming or cycling pace or that it would result in an ‘exploded motor’ and devastated run. Nor could I have foreseen that my nutritionplan wouldn’t hold longer than the start of the marathon.

But again it’s not about the race. It’s all about the road to the start of an Ironman. The ‘start’ should be on everybody’s bucketlist.





Project Update

Smart Health Consumer Summit

logo-multiscope Smart Health Consumer Summit.

In collaboration with Philips, Eneco, Triggi & ONVZ the Dutch Research Company Multiscope convened 60 marketeers, entrepeneurs, scientists and sr. health leaders for the Smart Health Consumer Summit in Den Bosch. During my presentation I explained how our health care environment rapidly is changing from a re-active state to a more pro-active state. Whereby (passive) sensor information in early healthy life phases have a crucial role. The interpretation of the data collected out of these sensors will steer health innovation in the next couple of years.


Additionally I showed which innovations (smart pill – cam pill and many more) are already accessible for everybody and how to create an atmosphere of Innovation within a company.


Project Update

Kick-off ‘Commit’ VU-ONVZ

Sensors Health innovations and Apps are still booming and promising. An very interesting example is HappiTech, a Health application to monitor heartfailure. But health Apps are used for a variety of things; to tracks activity, sleep or to guide people towards a better life style. Today we marked the kick-off of a new digital innovation project that will go into different direction and will use IT and sensors in a complete different way. The final product will be shown at the end of 2017.