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ONVZ & Philips introduce new insurance product

It was a year ago when I stepped into Philips Headquarters in Amsterdam. After an interesting call a week before I explained several new possible innovations.

A year ago I had not yet figured out the exact business case, nor the operational impact or even developed the road to a launch date. And as we probably all have experienced, it is common to find resistance for a new idea or innovation. People tend to get nervous and often excel in introducing new obstacles.

Two outstanding teams from both companies managed to overcome every obstacle with enthousiasm, a professional attitude and the right spirit. It resulted in a swift operational implementation and the launch of the first insurance policy available in the world with a focus on prevention and health and with the integration of the smartest toothbrush technology for everybody. Press Annoucement


Project Update

Test of ‘Fall prevention model’

Four big companies and a NGO are planning to test the most prestigious fall prevention model over the next 4 years in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately an official statement can’t be presented, nor can the companies be disclosed (except ONVZ Health Insurer) but in the first quater of 2017 the first participants are allowed to enroll and test the model. The partners share a common goal in Vitalising elderly people. We will use each others expertise to test a model that existed on the drawingboard and seemed to complicated to implent. I will publish more information on the model, technologies used, and results later.