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End of an Era: working at the ‘yellow’ health insurance company

The end of a yellow era has come. My work at ONVZ: the number one health insurance company — graded on service and reimbursement — in the Netherlands has ended.

Six years ago I walked in the ONVZ building in Houten for the first time, a walk that resulted in a joyful and successful collaboration for six years. The independent company with an annual turn-over of about 1bn is regularly recognized for their excellence and quality. The company aims at understanding the needs and drivers of their clients and provides additional solutions to increase health above and beyond the call of duty.

It’s time for a new ‘yellow’ chapter… but looking back at those six years is a pleasant thing.

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Work hard, Train hard, Rest hard

There is not one single factor that determines happiness or success in work. Conditional are factors like motivation, team-spirit, expertise and a positive attitude towards colleagues, suppliers and partners.

As a strong advocate of sport trainings and fruit snacks during the day, it might not be a big surprise that I incorporated micro-breaks during working hours as well.

At Leiden University they conduct research in this field and yesterday NRC published an interesting article that I completely endorse. To read more – follow the link.