I’m founder and innovator at Urbancooker. Urbancooker is an Health Innovation Company based in the Netherlands.

At Urbancooker we push ourselves every day to stay the frontrunner in Health. A philosophy that I and everybody else at Urbancooker embraces. Our strategies and products are recognized for their quality, swift implementation and providing clients with more than just the objective or target.

I believe that being a frontrunner is only possible by looking to the future; to put innovations into practice and to embrace (information) technology as a driving force. My main goal is to connect insights (from universities, start-ups and other businesses) to core-processes and to leapfrog competition. Additionally I set-up new innovations and products. An example is Tandfit Preventief. The first preventive health insurance product in the world, that I launched at the end of 2017. Or the NRGY application.

Currently I am working on two projects; one within an Insurance Company and one within a Medical Company. New concepts and ideas are also developed in our lab.  I am working on a project that is focused on collecting and re-distributing health news and data to support health stakeholders in the field with useful insights. One Start-up that found it’s birth in the Urbancooker lab is Truefie: a platform where you can find and book a photographer anywhere in the world. In the beginning of 2017 HealthExplainer.nl was launched. Since 2015 I have also been working as a public speaker.

I obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree from the University of Maastricht. During my student period I have followed several courses at different faculties and travelled as often as I could. After two years in Berlin and Madrid, I landed in The Hague. Currently I divide my time between Maastricht and Amsterdam.

I have a huge fascination for sport and motorbikes. Afterwork, I dedicate a lot of my time on training for sporting events, currently swimming, running and shooting. The main goal for this period is to have fun during the West Coast Challenge.