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End of an Era: working at the ‘yellow’ health insurance company

The end of a yellow era has come. My work at ONVZ: the number one health insurance company — graded on service and reimbursement — in the Netherlands has ended.

Six years ago I walked in the ONVZ building in Houten for the first time, a walk that resulted in a joyful and successful collaboration for six years. The independent company with an annual turn-over of about 1bn is regularly recognized for their excellence and quality. The company aims at understanding the needs and drivers of their clients and provides additional solutions to increase health above and beyond the call of duty.

It’s time for a new ‘yellow’ chapter… but looking back at those six years is a pleasant thing.

Project Update

Unleash the ECG

‘Unleash the ECG’ came from an understanding that mobile and simple ECG systems are necessary to keep our health care system affordable. The technical innovations and disruptions are changing all of our lives, but an introduction of new technologies in health goes rather slowly.

So giving every GP in the Netherlands the possibility to use a mobile ECG and to ask for quick feedback on the results from a cardiologist makes health processes a lot less complicated. Patients don’t have to travel to hospitals anymore and wait for results. Diagnoses are more accurate and can be done quicker.

We (Vital10) have worked with KPN (E-Zorg / CardioSecur) to make it possible to introduce this service in the Netherlands. In this new coalition we showed that different companies can work towards something very precious. For more information – check the link to the Dutch article in the NRC newspaper.

Insurance, Project Update, Urbancooker

ONVZ & Philips introduce new insurance product

It was a year ago when I stepped into Philips Headquarters in Amsterdam. After an interesting call a week before I explained several new possible innovations.

A year ago I had not yet figured out the exact business case, nor the operational impact or even developed the road to a launch date. And as we probably all have experienced, it is common to find resistance for a new idea or innovation. People tend to get nervous and often excel in introducing new obstacles.

Two outstanding teams from both companies managed to overcome every obstacle with enthousiasm, a professional attitude and the right spirit. It resulted in a swift operational implementation and the launch of the first insurance policy available in the world with a focus on prevention and health and with the integration of the smartest toothbrush technology for everybody. Press Annoucement


Project Update, Urbancooker live in the Air!

Understanding the dutch health system seems a major difficulty. But with the right explanation you might think differently.

In the last couple of months we spend our evenings wisely: building HealthExplainer. In different languages and with a new approach we explain the system correctly. Today the MVP of the healthexplainer website is live!  Check it out and help us improve! Hurrah!

Project Update

Vital10 – A doctor for everyone – everywhere

Today I started a new endeavour. As managing innovator of Vital10 I am commited to the further development of the Vital10 application and the connection to the market. We work on a platform that makes it possible to monitor patients remotely, whether they are at home or on the other side of the world.

Patients and health care professionals have access to a secure medical record that includes, medical and treatment information but also data retrieved from (sport)wearables. Within the application patients have the opportunity to discuss their health record by phone or videoconference with a specialist.
The application will reduce health care costs and bring patient-centered-care to the next level.


Project Update, Urbancooker

Urbancooker – wearable project

More than 100 years ago we strapped camera’s to birds (mainly pigeons). In my opinion that was the birth of wearables as we know them today. Nevertheless, we had to wait until the mass production of microchips and the rise of inventor Steve Mann before the first ‘wearable’ was reality. The next step in the evolution of wearables was just before 2000. Companies launched sport apps and new devices for sport Geeks. From 2000 onwards the wearable market evolved steadily. And with combination of sensor data and predictive modelling the implications for society are huge.

Therefore I was very interested in a new Urbancooker project to help an international corporate. – unfortunately I can’t disclose the name –. They want to enter the Dutch consumer market with a new wearable and health proposition. Last month we finished the project and despite the market is not completely ready for implementation, the plan and the product are! It’s for sure great things are coming; “The last 20 years wearables evolved steadily, the next 20 years they will come fast.

Project Update

Dutch companies help elderly live longer independently

2016-Logo-TOM-gj ONVZ Health Insurance collaborates with, Nutricia, Philips, PostNL and VeiligheidNL to implement an innovative project to prevent elderly from falling. The project is called (TOM; ‘Thuis Onbezorgd Mobiel’) and its goal is to make it possible that elderly live longer at home independently.

The impact of falling is hugely underestimated. Falling is a Tipping Point (a critical indicator in an evolving situation that often leads to a new and irreversible development). Additionally, in 2016 every five minutes a person older than 65 ended up in a dutch emergency room after a fall.

A combination of proven measures is brought into practise:

  • A wearable is given to track mobility (a mobility monitor)
  • A physical training based on muscle strength, balance and coordination
  • Personal attention and social support is given every fortnight by Care Consultants
  • If needed special additional nutrition will be given

The project starts in Best (Brabant) in cooperation with local parties, such as members of the elderly association, physiotherapists, dietitians and schools. Later in 2017 the project will expand to three other communities. More information can be found here.

Project Update

Test of ‘Fall prevention model’

Four big companies and a NGO are planning to test the most prestigious fall prevention model over the next 4 years in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately an official statement can’t be presented, nor can the companies be disclosed (except ONVZ Health Insurer) but in the first quater of 2017 the first participants are allowed to enroll and test the model. The partners share a common goal in Vitalising elderly people. We will use each others expertise to test a model that existed on the drawingboard and seemed to complicated to implent. I will publish more information on the model, technologies used, and results later.

Project Update

First Prototype of Project Health Alarm! :)

Together with the VU (Vrije Universiteit) we developed the first prototype of a Health Alarm. This application will help us to understand the possibilities of  mobile sensing using smart phones. The sensors from large numbers of users can in theory be combined to gather valuable data and information about people, environments, and cities, but doing this efficiently and in a privacy-preserving way is a major challenge. Currently we can test and exploit more and more novel sensors to give real-time feedback and advice to users.

Project Update

Smart Health Consumer Summit

logo-multiscope Smart Health Consumer Summit.

In collaboration with Philips, Eneco, Triggi & ONVZ the Dutch Research Company Multiscope convened 60 marketeers, entrepeneurs, scientists and sr. health leaders for the Smart Health Consumer Summit in Den Bosch. During my presentation I explained how our health care environment rapidly is changing from a re-active state to a more pro-active state. Whereby (passive) sensor information in early healthy life phases have a crucial role. The interpretation of the data collected out of these sensors will steer health innovation in the next couple of years.


Additionally I showed which innovations (smart pill – cam pill and many more) are already accessible for everybody and how to create an atmosphere of Innovation within a company.